320,00 kr
  • Parfume fra Bon Parfumeur
  • 402 har en sød og vaniljeagtig duft
  • Indeholder: 30 mL
  • Ingredienser: ''Alcohol denat., water,  fragrance, benzyl salicylate,
benzyl benzoate, benzyl, alcohol. 82% vol.''

  • Duft: Eau de parfum 402: Vanilla, Toffee and Sandalwood

''Eau de parfum. Sweet and powdered vanilla.

A perfume for the gourmet, with the vanilla pod its core. The 402 opens up onto soft, white flowers with almond notes before the heliotrope offers a decadant sugarcoated, creamy splash. With a lightly spicy bottom note, sandalwood and benzoin warm the scent and you're left with the feeling of mouth-watering dessert.

Olfactive Family : oriental''